No charges filed in deadly Mesa shooting

No charges have been filed in a farm shooting that left one man dead in Mesa on Aug. 14.

The Mesa Police Department says they responded to a call of an intruder in a home near Loop 202 and Val Vista at 3:25 a.m. A woman living in the home was awakened to the suspect standing in her bedroom.

The woman screamed for her husband, who was sleeping in another part of the house. The woman also screamed for her sons, who live in separate homes near the main house on the same property.

When the suspect, Daniel Kresowaty, was confronted by the woman's husband in the hallway, he began throwing chairs and knives.

Kresowaty then begged the husband and sons to shoot him.

One of the sons shot at Kresowaty and hit him. Kresowaty then left the hallway and went into the kitchen.

Mesa police arrived on the scene and found Kresowaty dead in the kitchen.

Detectives found Kresowaty's car abandoned and on fire near the farmhouse and they checked his car registration to obtain his home address.

After arriving at his home address, officers found his house to be in disarray and his cousin told police that Kresowaty was acting very erratic in the days before the shooting.

Police do not know what caused Kresowaty's erratic behavior and so far, no charges have been filed against the son who shot him.