Non-profit holds field day for Valley disabled kids

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Disabled children from all over the Valley came together today to feel like every other kid and have a field day at "A.R.C.H. Field Day."

Arizona Recreation Center for the Handicapped, or A.R.C.H., looks forward to organizing fun-filled and action-packed field days like this for children in need.

"They can have that outlet to release some activities and energy that they have so full of energy," Vera Martinez said.

With indoors and outdoors activities galore, hundreds of kids came together for games of tug-of-war, limbo, spacewalks, crafts, sports, and more.

"It's amazing, as a kid we did car rolls every single year and for the past few years I haven't seen as much, but something that's coming back to A.R.C.H. and being able to see how happy the kids are, you know we're doing tug-of-war with our mascot buddy and to see hw excited and enjoyable it is for them just puts a huge smile on all of our faces!" Mitch Murray said.

The non-profit continues to serve disabled children, teens, and adults across the Valley, along with the help of other businesses.

"There's a lot of need in the community for help and we're 100 percent willing to do that," Harold Vanegas said.