North Phoenix home destroyed after 2 fires start within hours of each other

Phoenix firefighters responded to two fires that broke out at the same home within a few hours of each other - and the property was destroyed the second time.

The home near Tatum Boulevard and Union Hills Drive is now mostly rubble and ashes, with only some of the walls left standing. When crews arrived early Wednesday morning, they say they discovered a fire burning through the back of the home and into the roof.

Firefighters had to call in extra crews and resources to keep the flames from spreading to nearby homes.

Neighbors say the family who lives there is out of town.

Meanwhile, Phoenix Fire responded to a call about a kitchen fire at the same address on Tuesday night.

"On arrival, crews found an isolated kitchen fire that was quickly extinguished by the first arriving engine company," said Capt. Joe Huggins with Phoenix Fire. "Fire investigators have been dispatched to the scene to determine a cause of the fire."

It's unclear what caused the second fire to start.

‘Whole house was engulfed’

"Shocked by how high the flames were and how invovled it was," said neighbor Jim Kemmerias.

He could see the flames from his house on the other side of the neighborhood.

"It was a good 30 feet or something like that. 30, 40 feet. The whole house was engulfed at one time," he said.

Anita Reinkensmeyer said she could smell it and wasn't even outside her home.

Neighbors say they're taking extra precautions to protect and insure their homes.

"Just checked. I got fire extinguishers in the house, the kitchen and just got new fire alarms recently," Kemmerias said.

Area where the fires occurred: