Nurse believes she has COVID-19 after husband tests positive, but she can't get a test

There are nearly 800 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Arizona, but with a lack of testing kits, the number is expected to be at its peak in toward the end of April, according to the director of the state's top health official.

On that same note, we've seen health care workers also infected by the virus after being on the front lines trying to stop the spread.

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Fleur Magbanua, an Arizona nurse, said she started feeling coronavirus symptoms three days after attending a party.

It's been 17 days since she started feeling ill, yet she hasn't been able to get a COVID-19 test done.

Magbanua says she went to a party with dozens of people but never realized she would expose herself to her husband and kids later down the line.

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Her husband went to the hospital earlier this week, and he tested positive for the virus. He's been discharged and is now home recovering.

Meanwhile, Magbanua says shes called Banner Health the last three days and says there aren't available test kits. She's feeling better now and her neighborhood community has donated food and supplies during this tough time.

As for the main symptoms she experienced, she says it “started with a low grade fever. I had simple flu like symptoms just one day of sneezing and then it was gone and it was replaced by a dry cough, loss of taste, loss of sense of smell, and I have this back pain. So my husband had exactly the same symptoms but his was more on the joint pains so everything that i’ve experienced he’s got it.”

She says she wasn't the only one to get sick after that party.