NWS confirms tornado touchdowns near Tulsa

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The National Weather Service is confirming multiple tornado touchdowns in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area.

Meteorologist Amy Jankowski says a storm that swept across the area Wednesday night led to a tornado that touched down and lifted up numerous times.

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She says the Weather Service received several reports of lofted debris, trees down and some structural damage.

The City of Tulsa said in a statement that several roads were closed and police and fire crews were canvassing the city. The Streets and Water Departments are assisting with road barricades and debris removal.

Authorities say at least nine people have been injured after severe storms passed through the area.

Emergency Medical Services Authority, an ambulance service provider, tweeted Wednesday night that weather-related calls resulted in nine patients transported. It says most calls were for serious injuries. There was one critical patient.

The City of Tulsa tweeted some damage was reported. The extent of the damage wasn't immediately clear.

TV footage showed downed power lines.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma reports 5,654 customers without power.

The National Weather Service said nearly 9 million people in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas are in an enhanced area of risk Wednesday.