Olmost the Weekend: Mesmerica at Arizona Science Center

A mesmerizing show at the Arizona Science Center's planetarium. It's a cool 3D music spectacular called "Mesmerica." It's a great way to escape the triple-digit temperatures. The show features 3D animation accompanied by the music of Grammy-nominated composer James Hood.

Mesmerica is a 3D musical and visual experience at the Arizona Science Center. Just under an hour-long, organizers say the family-friendly show will take you to another time and place.

"You have the stunning visuals projected on the planetarium dome as well as cool, captivating music that mesmerizes you," said manager Jason O'Neal. "It stimulates your mind as well as your senses. It's truly a spectacular event - it will transport you through the far reaches of space."

The kaleidoscope show is filled with spectacular visuals projected on the planetarium dome, courtest of Vortex Immersion Media. The staff at the Science Center say the show is already very popular.

"At first I didn't think they realized how much Phoenix would love this show," O'Neal said. "We started showing it twice a night, now we've had to book three shows a night."

The 3D planetarium show is expected to run until October. Tickets range from $12 - $50.