One person in custody, six injured in hit and run crash

It all started as a traffic stop, and quickly escalated into a hit and run.

Six people were hurt in the 4 vehicle crash, the driver and passenger took off, but it didn't take police long to catch up with them.

The officer pulled the suspect's vehicle over along eastbound I-10 near 59th Avenue, the driver, 30-year-old Joshua Hicks, took off and exited at 43rd Avenue where he caused a 4 vehicle crash in the intersection. Both the driver and passenger took off, but the passenger collapsed near the scene, and Hicks was found hiding in a shed in a neighborhood nearby.

Hicks has been charged with failure to obey a police officer.

43rd Avenue will be closed for southbound traffic from I-10.

FOX 10's Jessica Flores has this report on the accident.