Organization aims to build bridges of hope for those south of the border

A valley group organizing a trip to a border town -- an effort to be better humans.

They hope to bring some relief to our neighbors across the border and will head south next week.

Their colorful bus is m ore than a piece of art. It's a vehicle to change, a symbol of the 'I Have A Name' Project.

"The 'I Have A Name' Project is an art and advocacy campaign that we started in Phoenix years ago with a single photograph that hoped to create awareness for people who were living homeless on the street," said Jon Linton.

Linton is the founder, and says the awareness has spread, and now a group is heading across the border to make a difference there.

"We're going t be taking a trip to Algodones, Mexico which is a border town just south of Yuma, and we'll be delivering clothes, water and toys for the children in that impoverished village and food items," said Linton.

Linton says the purpose is two-fold -- to help those in need, but also to build bridges and a hope to create a sense of inclusion, a mutual respect for all people, and a brotherhood for all men.

"We're looking for clothes, we're looking for water, we're looking for toys for the children in the community and we are looking for non-perishable food items, canned goods," said Linton.

Since the project started, volunteers have helped feed, clothe and care for hundreds of homeless in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Now, they're on their way to help even more.