PD: 2 adults and 1 child dead, 3 firefighters injured in crash with Phoenix Fire engine

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PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Phoenix police are investigating a crash involving a Phoenix Fire engine that has left three people dead, including a child, and three firefighters injured.

The crash happened at the intersection of 29th Ave and Bethany Home Road involving a pickup truck and fire engine. The fire engine was on the way to a call of a structure fire.

"There were two trucks en route to that right," said Sgt. Vince Lewis with the Phoenix Police Department. "They were separated by some distance, as I understand."

Bethany Home Road was shut down from 27th to 31st Avenue for several hours. Investigators spent hours reconstructing the crash to figure out how it all happened.

Police confirm all three passengers in the pickup truck, 20-year-old Kenneth Collins, 19-year-old Dariana Serrano and 3-month-old Kenneth Collins, died in the crash.

"It appears preliminarily at this time that the pickup truck turned left in front of the fire truck," Sgt. Lewis said. "But again, I want to let our investigators work through this."

Carlos Guzman ran outside to the chaos, saying he saw a family in the smashed pickup truck.

"[I saw] a big explosion and I thought they were hitting my house," Guzman said.

Witnesses ran to help the people stuck in the truck and the firefighters on Engine 18.

"I just saw a bunch of people running," said Antoinette Chavez. "I hear this lady screaming. It was just awful from just hearing them screaming."

Three firefighters were also taken to the hospital. Police say all three are now in stable condition.

The speed of both vehicles is unknown at this time. Sgt. Lewis says this tragedy deeply affects first responders.

"[It's] not only hard when you're dealing with civilians, especially children, but you as an emergency responder roll on a scene where your very own are part of the victims," Sgt. Lewis said. "Again, we want to make sure we reach out to those employees and let them know that help is there and available."

The three firefighters involved were treated for their injuries at Banner University Medical Center. One of the firefighters has been released from the hospital while the other two will stay at the hospital overnight.

Neighbors say this street is always busy. They try to be careful after seeing several accidents. But this one they say they won't forget.

"Living on the main street, I always hear accidents," Chavez said. "And my fear is that that's probably the worst one that I've ever experienced."