PD: Man flashed restaurant goers in Wickenburg

WICKENBURG, Ariz. (FOX 10) - It was a shocking scene for diners at a restaurant in Wickenburg when police say a man got agitated and then exposed himself to everyone inside.

Allen Bartoli Jr., 30, has been in trouble before. He was arrested after taking police in the Valley on a chase, and now he's exposing himself in a family restaurant.

"It was scary and disturbing," said Diane Kelly, a restaurant employee.

Customers got more than just a taco and burrito at Anita's Cocina in Wickenburg.

Diane Kelly says the man at her table, Allen Bartoli Jr., was acting strangely.

"He's talking to himself and I already knew that when I saw him he was talking to himself and laughing and jumping around," said Kelly.

After yelling at the waitress, the man was asked to leave the restaurant.

"In here yelling acting strange and then when he went outside he yelled at a customer and exposed himself to the whole restaurant and everyone saw and young girls saw," said Kelly.

Bartoli was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.