PD: missing teen case linked to alleged "Canal Killer"

A Phoenix man charged with killing two women in the early 1990's is under investigation in the disappearance of a 13-year-old girl.

Bryan Patrick Miller has already pleaded not guilty to the two murders, both of which took place along a valley canal.

13-year-old Brandy Lynn Myers disappeared in May of 1992. Police searched the area where she was last seen, near 5th St and Hatcher but found nothing, until the arrest of Bryan Miller.

Investigators believed they had a break; the girl vanished in the same area that the accused serial killer lived.

"Ultimately we have another disappearance of a young girl, same kind of age and time frame, and close proximity to his home. He very quickly became an investigative lead," said Sgt. Trent Crump.

Police are now looking to charge Miller with Myers murder. He's already been linked to the murders of Angela Brasso and Melanie Bernas.

"We have learned a lot of new information since Bryan Miller was taken into custody," said Crump.

Police won't detail exactly what evidence they have linking Miller to the disappearance of Myers, but they say she may not be the only additional victim. Police are checking other missing person cases in the area to see if they are linked.

"We have detectives from the cold-case squad that are working this case as hard as they did in 1992," said Crump.