People react as Trump tells illegal immigrants they will be "leaving soon"

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A day after President Trump announced his vision for an immigration policy, he made even more waves on Friday in a series of tweets.

In the tweets, Trump said his administration is building up "Removal Forces", and he's telling those here illegally "you will be leaving soon".

It's a message some Arizonans love, and some Arizonans hate.

"Mr. Trump is doing an excellent job, because he's following the Constitution," said one man. "If you go to Mexico without your papers, you go to jail."

"This state is one of the biggest population of immigrants, and it's like pointing the finger and trying to make them the criminals of what, trying to pursue a better life in this country," said another man.

"It's important for me for people to be legal here, but like I said earlier, it needs to be an easier process," said immigration attorney Nick Suriel.

In response to Trump's comments on the "Catch and Release" system, Suriel said illegal immigrants are already being registered, and enforcement is stricter than in years past.

"Even the people being dropped off at the Greyhound station or the churches, those people are being vetted quite significantly," said Suriel, who went on to say there are nearly 90,000 people in detention centers currently.

Suriel's message to clients is similar to Trump's: don't get comfortable.

"There are a lot of people in the United States that have status or had status or will have status, so that's always been a reality. Don't make yourself too comfortable, and I think it's a reality most of their lives," said Suriel.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did respond to Trump's proposal of merit-based immigration, requiring immigrants to learn English and pass a civics exam before being admitted to the U.S., calling it a "dead on arrival plan" that is not remotely serious.