Peoria Police investigating car break-in incidents involving teenagers

Peoria Police are looking into reports of a string of burglaries involving young boys.

The break-in incidents happened near Lake Pleasant Parkway and Deer Valley, and area residents said they have video that shows the young boys trying to break into cars and trucks.

Charlotte Frye says one of the boys tried to get in to her white Chevrolet Silverado.

"They came up to driveways, pulled on the handle to see if they could get in, but they couldn't because we lock our trucks," said Frye. "The one we saw in the driveway looked 14, 15, maybe 16. They all looked pretty young."

Security camera footage also shows the boys running across the street, trying to get into other cars and trucks. Frye said some of her neighbors have been ripped off.

"I think it is really sad," said Frye. "I don't know if they are bored. I can't say much about it. They have to get caught."

Frye can't understand how parents could let their kids run around in the middle of the night and get in trouble.

"As a mom, it makes me pretty angry," said Frye. "I would be really angry if my kids were committing crimes like this."

Anyone with information should call Peoria Police.