Phoenix area cemetery once again organizes holiday event for those dealing with loss of loved one

The holidays can be an extremely hard time of the year for those who are missing a loved one, and one cemetery in the Phoenix area is hoping to ease that pain with a Christmas drive-thru event.

The Christmas lights are up, and carolers are singing, while families drive around, taking it all in. That is all happening in a place people may not expect to find the Christmas spirit.

"It warms people's heart. It makes them feel special," said Elisa Krcilek, Vice President of Mountain View Funeral Home.

This is the second time the funeral home is putting on their Lights of Love event, with hopes of bringing warmth to anyone who has experienced loss.

"This is their service. It gives them a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones, to memorialize and remember them," said Krcilek.

At the event, families are enjoying hot chocolate, as well as a real-life nativity scene. Cemetery staff also handed out ornaments and candles for their loved ones.

Most importantly, however, the event is bringing them healing.

"This is a special event to honor the loved ones. My husband is here in the veterans section, and I come all the time, and it is a special event to pay tribute the loved ones at Christmastime," said Marsha Woodard.

Anyone can come by and enjoy the lights into January.

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