Man reunited with Scottsdale high school letterman jacket from over 2 decades ago

After 28 years, a high school letterman jacket is now in the hands of its rightful owner.

Jed Mottley played varsity football at Chaparral High School 28 years ago. To show his school pride, he did what most athletes did: he ordered a personalized letterman jacket.

Unfortunately, he never saw the final product or even got to wear it, because his mom unfortunately could not afford it.

Fast-forward to 2021, Mottley is wearing his coat.

By a stroke of fate, Mottley's brother, Josh, recently found the jacket at a thrift store in Pinetop. The jacket was being sold for $25, much cheaper than its original price of $300. Mottley says the shop's owner in Mesa passed away, and several letterman jackets were randomly donated to the a second hand store near Pinetop, where his brother now lives.

"He said, 'is there any chance am I looking at your letterman jacket right now?' I said, 'not sure if you can remember, but mom couldn't afford it to pick it up, so I never got it,' and he said, 'I have to send to a picture of it really quick,'" said Mottley. "He sends me a picture, and I knew immediately it was my jacket. I designed it. I put Jed on it, I put 94, WR 1."

Mottley says since he found his jacket, he can't stop wearing it.

"All of these emotions flooded back in. I put blood sweat and tears to warn that letter. I wanted the jacket. I've thought about it over the years. We had a rough childhood, so it was just another speed bump that I had to get over," said Mottley.

Mottley's mother passed away nine years ago. He said he would not be surprised if she had something to do with this sweet reunion.

"She would just be over the moon about this right now," said Mottley.

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