Phoenix businesses, farm band together to provide produce boxes to community during pandemic

Businesses are pivoting to keep themselves afloat during the pandemic in Phoenix.

One business doing that in  a big way while also helping other local businesses and farms at the same time.

"We were trying to find out a way to pivot, just like a lot of small businesses," says Kell Duncan, co-owner of the Churchill in downtown Phoenix.

"One of the big things we saw that was happening, restaurants being closed, small farms proviving fo those restaurants now don't have a place for produce," he explained.

He helped create a community supported agriculture program, known as a CSA.

"This was our opportunity to launch that program, so we partnered with Sun Produce, that's a cooperative that works with all the small farms locally so we work with Sun Produce to get our produce for our CSA program," Duncan said.

The boxes range anywhere from $20 to $30 dollars. They also have special boxes that are created by local chefs with everything you need to create one of their signature dishes.

That money goes back to the restaurants and its employees.

"The phone call that I got from Kell Duncan when he pitched this idea, I was floored, I was really excited that there were helpers like him out there," said Andrew Fritz, owner of Public House.

He adds, "Every little bit we can do right now, every little pivot we can do in the business model, every little fundraiser and every little way to raise funds makes a big difference right now."

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