Phoenix child found with gun on school bus, officials say

Phoenix Police officials say they have launched an investigation after a child was found with a handgun.

In a letter sent to parents, officials with Madison Rose Lane Elementary School, which is located in the area of Rose Lane and 12th Street in Phoenix, say that a student on one of their buses was found in possession of a firearm, prior to the start of the school day.

"The bus driver safely pulled over, secured the item and notified school administration," read a portion of the letter to parents. "When the student arrived at school, school administration met the student at the bus and immediately addressed the concern, took possession of the item and contacted the Phoenix Police Department."

School officials say while they are not able to share specific details on the outcome of the incident due to student privacy laws, they did say that no students or staff members were physically harmed.

"Our school administration, social workers and counselors are always available to assist our students and families with any concerns," read a portion of a short statement released by Madison School District officials.

Phoenix Police officials, meanwhile, say school officials and parents are cooperating with authorities.

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