Phoenix non-profit group helping those trapped in the heat

While some having been making jokes about the Valley's extreme heat on social media, the blistering temperatures are no laughing matter for many people in the Valley.

As the mercury rises, the risk of heat deaths also rise, especially for people who have little access to air-conditioning and cool shelters.

In Phoenix, a non-profit group called Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH) have put together a campaign called "Heat on the Streets". The idea is to help the people who are homeless and basically trapped outside because heat exhaustion and heat stroke is more than uncomfortable.

It is dangerous.

PACH usually provides health care to people who don't have health insurance, but this week, their focus is the heat emergency.

Sheila Ryan is a volunteer who said she is compelled to pitch in and help the homeless, especially now.

"I know that there are people out in the streets," said Ryan. "We each do what we can. I can do this."

"Heat on the Street" organizers said they intend to keep reaching out to the homeless, as long as temperatures stay in the extreme range.