Phoenix Police officer says protective plate her dad gave her may have saved her life in shooting

On Thursday, a Phoenix Police officer who was shot in the line of duty spoke for the first time about surviving the shooting.

It's been nearly two weeks since Officer Alicia Hubert's commander, Greg Carnicle, was shot and killed during a domestic violence call.

“I felt a pain in my foot, and somehow we ended up -- Marissa and I ended up jumping off the staircase and landing on the first floor," said Officer Hubert.

Officer Hubert, who was shot in the foot and back, never imagined being shot a year and a half into her career. Her father, a reserve officer, got the call following the shooting.

"You’re praying for the best. You’re hoping for the best and still be sad for a very good friend who did not make it," said Officer Paul Hubert.

In the days since the deadly shooting, Officer Hubert, along with Officer Marissa Dowhan, are out of the hospital.

Officer Hubert said what her father passed down to her may have saved her life. Hubert's father gave her a protective plate just days prior, which stopped the bullet from penetrating through her vest.

Most of Officer Dowhan's injuries are on the lower body, and she is currently at a rehab center.

Now on the road to recovery, both officers are bonded for life.