Phoenix Police release new video of Comicon threat suspect

New video released Tuesday is showing the moments leading up to the arrest of a heavily armed man at the Phoenix Comicon in May.

Matthew Sterling was arrested, after police got a tip he was planning to kill police, as well as an actor who was scheduled to speak at the event.

In several angles, Sterling was seen walking through the Phoenix Convention Center, dressed as a vigilante character known as "The Punisher". Before the moment when police tackled and disarmed the 29-year-old, Sterling appeared to be like any other cosplayer at the Comicon.

Police, however, said Sterling's weapons were real. He allegedly had four fully-loaded guns, a knife and pepper spray.

Security footage from the Phoenix Convention Center showed the Mesa man, as he enters the Center and makes his way to the second floor on Thursday, May 25, the first day of the Comicon. Earlier that day, a woman from Los Angeles had called to warn Phoenix Police that Sterling was messaging her threats towards police, and a Power Rangers actor who was appearing at the Comicon.

Phoenix Police detectives on the lookout for sterling spotted Sterling on the second floor, shortly after noon. Several reportedly confronted Sterling, and took him down. The struggle is not captured on any of the Center's cameras.

Sterling is facing several charges, including alleged attempted murder, alleged aggravated assault, and resisting arrest. Sterling has pleaded not guilty to those charges, and he remains in custody on $1 million bond.

Sterling's case is due to back in court, in September.