Phoenix Police seek public's help in finding suspect accused of shooting, killing man

(PHOENIX) FOX 10 - Phoenix Police want you to take a good look at this suspect. They say he's responsible for shooting and killing a valley father two weeks ago, before running away.

The victim's family is still trying to come to grips with their loss as they prepare to lay him to rest.

To see the direct impact of that murder, look no further than the Avenidas Funeral Chapel. This is where Joseph Deleon's family held his rosary and viewing. His funeral will take place on March 7.

Meanwhile, we have a clearer look at his accused killer. Let's break down his description: Robert Ruiz is 22-years-old. He's 5' 4" and 130 pounds. He also has tattoos on his eyelids.

Police say that during the crime, Ruiz wore a black pullover hoodie, black pants, and black sneakers. The deadly shooting happened the night of February 23 at the 7-Eleven on McDowell and 24th. 32-year-old Joseph Deleon had just gotten out of his car when police say Ruiz confronted him and opened fire multiple times.

As Deleon laid on the ground, Ruiz allegedly stole some belongings and tried to drive off in Deleon's car. But instead, Ruiz ran off into the street. Since then, police have been on the hunt.

That night, Deleon was headed to visit a friend. His fiance and three kids are left without their provider. A family broken inside - hoping for justice.

"I just really want everyone in Arizona, the city's help - somebody has to know him," said Cristal Celaya-Rodriguez, the victim's fiance. "Somebody has to know him or [have] seen him. I'm begging this city and everyone around just to help. If they think they might see him on the street, if they know anybody who knows him - because it could happen to anybody."

"He's still out there, and that's what's scary," Celaya-Rodriguez went on to say. "It happened to us and I would've never ever imagined this happening to me and my family. I just want everybody to know that everyone is in danger until he's caught."

If you know where Robert Ruiz is or have any information at all, call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS (480-948-6377).