Phoenix police surprise 2 young sisters with pint-sized custom uniforms

Two small girls, little Charley and her sister, Ahleeya, stop by all of the cop-community outreach events in Phoenix, dressed up just like their favorite heroes.

But when the department noticed the girls' uniforms were two sizes too small, they stepped up to save the day with custom-made uniforms for an officer of their size.

Phoenix police gifted sisters, Charley and Ahleeya, with their very own uniforms, made special by Valley business Skaggs.

"We thought there was no one better to honor than these two little girls who come to every police event in the Black Mountain Precinct and support law enforcement," Sgt. Jamie Rothschild said.

The girls' mother, Karen Judd, says from a very young age, her daughters fell in love with the brave men and women in blue.

"It's gone from just her hugging officers to literally being apart of the family and supporting them and being there for them, and she literally feels like she's an officer because she's completely accepted by them," she said.

As a family, they enjoy their time together, supporting those who they feel serve and protect their community every day.

"We go in their cop cars and have fun together and drive around with them, and they're just really nice and we have fun together," Ahleeya Judd said.

And the new uniforms are a perfect fit.