Phoenix still expecting growth despite COVID-19's devastating impact on the economy

Construction cranes can be seen all around the Valley despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Phoenix is one of the top cities in the country, as ranked by the so-called "Crane Index."

"There is so much going on in Phoenix right now," said City of Phoenix Director of Community and Economic Development, Christine MacKay. "Just in Downtown Phoenix alone, we have 20 cranes in the air, which is more than what we ever had in history. Our largest number in the past is six cranes, and that’s just Downtown Phoenix"

MacKay says the Valley has become a great place to live and do business.

"We spent the last decade since we came out of the Great Recession all working together to ensure that we really diversify the economy," said MacKay. "That we created this place where business could thrive, and great quality jobs would come."

MacKay notes Phoenix, in comparison to other cities, is in the Top 3 of all the crane counts across the country.

"We are the only large city that saw a crane count increase fro November 2019 to November 2020," said MacKay. "What it’s really showing now is number three in the country in crane count. It is showing the demand for our businesses and showing the demand for new space and showing the demand for people who are relocating to Arizona." 

More cranes mean more jobs. According to the Associated General Contractors,  the Phoenix metro area saw an increase of 4,700 construction-related jobs since 2019. MacKay says phoenix will continue to grow.

"We see no end in sight," said MacKay."I think we are going to see Arizona and Metro Phoenix continue on the same trajectory we’ve seen over the last 10 years."