Phoenix woman shares tales of caution after her delivered groceries were stolen

Porch pirates will stop at nothing, and one Valley woman said her entire grocery order from Instacart was stolen from her front step.

Letty Medrano said she was inside her home when her groceries were taken.

"I was feeding and burping my newborn so I couldn't get up as quickly I have ordered before, and it never happened when I came outside, everything I had was gone," said Medrano.

The groceries, which included five cases of water, toiletries and much more, totalled $186. The groceries were taken within 15 minutes of them being dropped off at Medrano's home, located near Southern and 35th Avenue in Phoenix.

"It's very frustrating because I work hard for my money, and I'm pretty sure other people do as well, and it's a necessity. Granted, it wasn't a lot, but it was the necessities we need for our house," said Medrano.

Medrano's groceries were reordered and sent to her home, but she just wants to her neighbors to be on high alert.

"I know during the holidays we see an increase, and it was over the summer and I was here in my own home, so just be safe out there," said Medrano, who went on to say she hopes the people woh took her groceries needed it more than she did.

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