Phoenix Zoo unveils naming contest for baby giraffe

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - There's an exciting new arrival at the Phoenix Zoo and now the public has an opportunity to name her.

"A baby giraffe is obviously very exciting for the Phoenix Zoo," said Alicia Marcell of the Phoenix Zoo. "We want the public to be a part of this."

This beauty is 3-weeks-odl and hoof stock keeper Alicia Marcell says she's thriving.

"She's doing wonderful, she's super energetic, she's already nibbling on leaves, nursing great from mom, and this is Amara's first time raising a calf and she is doing absolutely excellent," Marcell said.

The new baby is a masai giraffe, native to east Africa, central and southern Kenya and in Tanzania.

"All of our other giraffes here apart from Sunshine have Swahili-based names because of their location that they are from so we just want to keep that going for everyone," Marcell said.

You can vote on the contest by clicking here.