Pickleball: New program pairs up pros and those who want to play better

Pickleball continues to be the fastest-growing sport in America, and now that the game is so popular, trying it may seem intimidating.

As a result, a company decided to pair pickleball pros and coaches with a player who wants to try the sport or get better.

Landon Uetz enjoys sharing his pickleball knowledge. The former college baseball player is encouraging, and can easily explain the rules.

"Scoring is a lot like ping pong, so you have to be serving to score," Uetz said. "If you win a volley or rally as a serving team, you get one, and you'll continue to score points as a serving team. If you do win a rally as the returning team, you do not score points, but then you'll end up winning the serve back to your side."

Uetz is now one of a few coaches in the valley who you can book through the company called "Teach Me To."

"Teach Me's company connects the person that’s interested in the lesson with a local coach and then from that point they set up a time to meet and find a court that’s available and then your set up," Uetz said.


The company started with golf and tennis lessons and realized there was a need with the fast-growing sport.

"Anybody can just head out onto a court and play," Uetz said. "No rules that you have to be a certain skill level to play, but often times if people are concerned regarding the rules or basics of how to play, sometimes just connecting with a coach can eliminate that extra added stress or fear of feeling like you're going to fail."