Police apprehend suspect in connection with barricade situation

Police have released the name of the suspect involved in a barricade situation that lasted for hours on Saturday morning.

40-year-old Frank Coleman, Jr., has been booked on robbery and assault charges. Police say Coleman robbed a woman at an apartment complex at 40th Street and McDowell, then pointed a gun at her when she followed him to another apartment nearby. After a standoff at the Papago Springs apartments lasting more than six hours, police took Coleman into custody.

Police say they do not have evidence linking Coleman to the arson fire that broke out prior to the robbery on Saturday morning.

The fire was set inside an apartment near 40th Street and McDowell Road at about 4am Saturday, police say. Police surrounded a different complex, the Papago Springs apartments at 40th Street and Coronado, at about 6:30am after police tracked down a suspect who was at the scene on Saturday morning.

Two men eventually came out of the apartment, but police have spent hours at the barricade situation trying to contact the suspect who's still inside. At about Noon, the 40-year-old suspect was brought out of the apartment and taken into custody.

Several parts of the neighborhood had streets shut down into the afternoon. During the barricade situation, police had advised people living in the area to remain in their homes with the doors locked.