Police: Hamilton High Principal, Football Coach knew about hazing incidents

New details are emerging on the investigation of Hamilton High School's hazing incident.

In February, Hamilton High School Principal Ken James reportedly responded to an administrator asking about allegations of violent hazing involving members of the school's Football team, saying it was the "first he's heard of it."

Newly released police documents, however, are casing doubt on James' claims, as documents claim James and now former Head Football Coach Steve Belles both knew about the incidents, well before six football players were arrested at the school.

Of the players arrested, three are facing charges, including 17 year-old Nathaniel Thomas. Now, James and Belles could both face multiple counts of failure to report, as well as child abuse charges.

According to police, James allegedly had knowledge as early as November, and also held a meeting with one set of parents, where he took notes that specifically referred to "hazing at camp". James allegedly was also aware of an anonymous voice message from January. According to police, James interviewed players, and told Belles to handle it. Belles then held a team meeting, in which players told police that he said:

According to police, Belles and James allegedly did not report any of these instances to authorities.

On Tuesday, Chandler Unified School District released two statements on Belles and James.

Chandler Unified School District officials have noted in the past that their decision to first reassign Belles to home, and their later decision to replace Belles as football coach with Dick Baniszewski are both not disciplinary in nature.