Police ID burglary suspect held by homeowner at gunpoint

A burglary suspect picked the wrong house to break into -- and ended up being held at gunpoint by the homeowner.

FOX 10 cameras were there as 23-year-old Orlando Ortega was loaded into a police car near 40th Street and Thomas Road.

The homeowner, Mauricio Esquivel, says when he pulled into his driveway Thursday morning, he noticed his windows were broken and knew something wasn't quite right.

"My intuition says something's not right. I went back in my car and I pulled out a pistol that I carry. Through a cracked window, I see an intruder in the living room. At that point I cocked my gun and I just pointed it right at him and I told him not to move and I ordered him to the ground. I was able to pull my phone out, unlock it and then call 911. Everything played out perfect.. nobody got hurt and the perps going to jail," he explained.

Mauricio says Phoenix police officers arrived at the scene within minutes of his call.

He's only been living in his home for two months.

Ortega faces charges of burglary, taking identity of another, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, theft and criminal damage.