Police ID suspect arrested after pursuit

A convicted felon evaded Glendale Police for hours early Thursday morning, hiding in a quiet neighborhood and putting residents there on high alert. And it ended with a dramatic takedown.

Members of the SWAT team surrounded a suspect moments after he was taken down Thursday morning. A man believed to be armed and dangerous; 30-year-old Landon Hayes eluded police for hours inside a neighborhood near 61st Avenue and Orange Wood Avenue before he was found.

"It was at a residence on the exterior, we don't have any information that it was a residence that he was at all connected with, it may have just been opportunity," said Glendale Police Sergeant David Vidaure.

Crime scene tape spanned for miles as police set up a large perimeter, unsure where Hayes could be hiding.

"I heard the helicopters and the sirens, and all the lights," said one resident.

Curious residents who did not want to reveal their identity say they stepped outside concerned about the police presence, but were promptly told to stay inside.

"I looked outside once, and I heard like the police talking on bull horns, so I got back in the house," said another resident.

It all started around 1:30 Thursday morning at an apartment complex near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road. Glendale Police say a resident called 911 to report a man with a gun was breaking in.

"As our officers responded, that person was able to leave the area in a vehicle," said Sgt. Vidaure.

Before officers could stop him, the suspect got into a car and took off. He eventually crashed the car and took off running into the darkness.

"I'm just glad they got him," said a neighbor.

Hayes was bit by a canine and taken to the hospital; he will be booked once he is released. Hayes has a criminal history of aggravated assault and armed robbery. Glendale Police say he will face additional charges for having a gun because he is a prohibited possessor. They are also looking into reports he was involved in a shooting incident on Wednesday.