Police investigate Laveen burglaries

Phoenix Police are investigating a series of burglaries in the Laveen neighborhood.

It's something that can happen anywhere, as it gets nicer outside people may open their windows and may not close and lock them when they're not home, allowing a burglar easy access.

Four burglaries happened in this neighborhood; three on Monday night and one on Sunday night. Three of them involved cars being broken into, the bad guys taking the garage remote controls.

"Yeah we try to keep the windows locked, it's a really nice neighborhood, too bad we've got all these problems," said Chuck Sypherd.

Police say burglars are criminals of opportunity, they are lazy, always looking for an easy score. If you make your home inconvenient to break into they will move onto the next one. But if you don't take common-sense precautions, it's easy to become a victim.

You can get a security system, motion detectors, dogs, anything to discourage a burglar.

"Lighting your property, trimming back bushes and landscaping, you can do that with what you have at home," said Sgt. Vance Lewis.

One neighbor had advice on how to enjoy the cooler temperatures and still be safe.

"Keep the windows open during the day when people are out, but when it starts getting dark make sure everything is locked," said Badr Elkhaannoussi.

For more tips on how to prevent burglaries visit: https://www.phoenix.gov/policesite/Documents/BurglaryPrevention%20ENG-SPN%202015.pdf