Police officers attacked: Phoenix PD releases surveillance, bodycam video

Attacks on police officers are on the rise, and officials say the frequency and seriousness of these attacks is concerning.

The most recent incidents involved two Phoenix Police officers.

In the first incident, Officer Harold Boswell was in unform and off-duty while an armed robbery was happening. Surveillance video shows Officer Boswell entering at the top of the frame. He was seen shining his flashlight towards a robbery, and was almost immediately fired at.

According to officials, two suspects fired at Officer Boswell multiple times. Meanwhile, Jamiah Mower and two juveniles are currently in police custody.

Security guard steps in to save officer

The second incident happened at around 1:00 a.m. on April 7, at a QuikTrip on Bell Road.

Both cases are being prosecuted, so limited information is available, but police are accrediting QuikTrip security guard Jameel Kelewood and employee Luis Ozuna, calling their actions that night heroic.

Police officials say videos from both incidents show just how quickly the attacks happened, as neither officer had the opportunity or chance to defend themselves.

"Attacks on the guardians of our community have become far too frequent," said Sgt. Mayra Reeson. "The chief is concerned, we are concerned, the community should be concerned. Honestly, we are lucky we are not planning two funerals within eight days apart."

Both officers still have a road to recovery ahead of them, but Officer Boswell is home with his family. The other officer, who was stabbed in the neck, is still recovering in the hospital.