Police seek black SUV involved in hit and run crash

Lori Misquez says she was arguing with her boyfriend as she walked out of Food City in downtown Avondale and wasn't thinking as she stepped out onto Buckeye Road. She was pushing her 1-year-old daughter Nayeli in her stroller.

"I know I should have used the crosswalk, and I know it was my fault, and I was distracted," said Lori Misquez.

Her boyfriend shouted for her to look out, she turned and what police say might have been a black SUV grazed her and plowed into her daughter.

"It hit her stroller, and she went flying and hit the sidewalk, I did not think to look at the car, I just ran to her, picked her up, she did not make any sound, at first, I thought she was dead for a second," said Misquez.

Remarkable Lori says Nayeli pulled through and is now in stable condition at the hospital. Misquez says she cannot understand why the driver didn't stop.

"What kind of person is that, do they not have a heart and not understand they hit a baby, made her fly out, she could've been dead, she could've had broken bones, but because we were lucky nothing happened to us. Thank God, God blessed us," she said.

Lori and Avondale Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

"If you can, if anybody sees the SUV that is damaged in the front right corner, please turn them out, get their license plates," said Misquez.

If you have any information call Avondale Police at 623-333-7003.