Pony who went missing for several days has been found

There was a very special reunion Tuesday for a family whose pony had been missing for several days: Peaches is finally home!

Peaches is a 23-year-old female pony, a family pet who was greatly missed, after she was taken away by some thieves on Saturday.

"The last three days has been pretty horrific," said Peaches' owner, Ann Whitess. She said Peaches was taken from their property near 35th Avenue and Bethany Home Road. They say the thieves cut through their fence, and managed to pull her out.

On Monday night, however, the family received great news.

"Well first of all, I wasn't sure it was her," Whitess recounted. "The comment was I found your horse -small white horse - that could mean -- I don't want to say anything, but small is relative."

As it turns out, it was Peaches! She was located not too far from its home, and a man in the neighborhood noticed the pony, and got in contact with Whitess. She believes the people who took her eventually decided to let her go.

"He saw it pass by, and he saw other man following her," said Kimberly Balencia, whose uncle found Peaches. "He went after her, got a rope and lassoed her. Saved her and took her in for the night."

On Tuesday, Peaches was reunited with her family and her best buddy, another 23-year-old pony named Major.