'Pop-up' weddding trend benefits valley couple

Planning a wedding can be very stressful but now some couples are turning to "Pop-Up" weddings to avoid the headache.

The new trend ended up benefiting a Valley couple whose wedding planner canceled at the last minute.

"There are some clients who've contacted me like the day before or hey we need to get married that afternoon."

Marisa Tristan is the CEO of 'I Do Events'. She's specializes in planning "Pop-Up" weddings, which are small ceremonies that package flowers, music, food, and even a minister for couples on a budget.

"It's not romantic when you have to go to the courthouse...go through the metal detector on your wedding day."

Pop-up weddings are gaining popularity, especially with Millennials. But wedding on a whim does require some thought.

"Sometimes you look up pop up weddings they'll talk about oh we were at the Washington Memorial and they got kicked out because they didn't ask for permission."

Marissa planned over 30 weddings and she has even started an international association of pop-up wedding planners.

Most of Marisa's clients contact her months ahead. For love birds Crystal and Kenyata, that was not an option. Just weeks before their big day another wedding planner left them high and dry.

Kenyata said, "'Yeah, my fiance,' she and then the lady stopped her and was like ,'Wait a minute you're a same sex couple,' and Kenyata is like, 'Well yes,' and the lady was like 'Um yeah, I don't think we're going to be able to do this,'" said Crystal Allen.

"It was just a real big shock. You know I just felt overwhelmed that someone could just take our money even," said Kenyata White.

Kenyata shared the hurtful story on Facebook. And Marisa came to the rescue.

"I just reached out to her I said you know I want to help you I know that I can get other vendors to help you. Lets make it happen. I don't want your wedding to get canceled."

In just two weeks time, Marisa planned the couple's entire wedding. Her vendors footed part of the bill as a show of support.

"She just was amazing just completely did everything that we wanted and then some within a month's time and it ended up being perfect," said Crystal.

On December 24th, 2014, Crystal and Kenyata wed before friends and family at Encanto Park.

"It was just the best experience if I could do it over again I would do it the exact same way," said Kenyata.

Marisa not only plans pop-up weddings, but also officiates them.

For more information on "I Do Events": http://www.idoeventsllc.com/