Pope memorabilia in high demand ahead of Papal Visit

A sea of pilgrims energizing the Convention Center for the largest World Meeting of Families ever. Snapping up pope memorabilia and snapping pictures with family friends and roaming saints. Obviously St. Nick is in high demand - they've come the world over.

Among the shoppers, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, tucking Pope dolls under his arm.

He said, "I'm a Catholic so it has special meaning to me."

He'll help to keep the pope safe, but will he get to actually meet the Holy Father?

"That's a good question... on security of it."

Bag pipers and pageantry excitement on every corner - suddenly the city is lively and festive flooded with a wholesome family oriented crowd.

More folks are jumping on the Pope bandwagon say city leaders and it's not too late to experience the opportunity of a lifetime in our own backyard.