PORCH PIRATE: Man caught stealing furniture from woman's front porch

A porch pirate was caught, on surveillance camera, targeting a Valley homeowner. However, instead of stealing packages, the suspect was seen making off with someone's patio furniture.

Now, the homeowner is putting out a warning for others.

"What gives them the right to go onto somebody else's house, and take what they have, just because they have left it out for their use, their regular use?" asked the woman, identified only as "Kaki".

The suspect is seen taking furniture from Kaki's front patio, near 40th Street and Campbell.

"I heard the noise, as well," said Kaki. "I heard the noise of the car starting, and with no muffler, so that's what spooked me, and at the same time I got the alert on my phone that there was movement, and by the time I looked out and looked at my camera, I could see the truck taking off."

The man, who appears to be in his late 20s, casually took one piece, put it in his truck, and then went back for the ottoman.

"I enjoy that furniture," said Kaki. "I love sitting outside my front porch, and very typical of this entire area, people have furniture in their front yard, and they sit in their front yard, and that's the way people in this community socialize."

Kaki said she's thankful to have caught the thief in the act, and she uploaded her footage to the Nextdoor app to warn her neighbors.

"It's a shameless act and I think that he needs to be accountable for this actions, but most importantly, I would hate for that to happen to somebody else," said Kaki.

Anyone with information should call Phoenix police.