Phoenix PD gives all clear after 'possible explosive' underwent 'controlled detonation'

Phoenix Police says all is safe again after finding a "possible explosive" near one of the department's precincts on Tuesday night.

The incident was at 39th Avenue and Cactus Road – which is near a precinct, but also near homes.

"The Bomb Squad has finished, and the item is now deemed safe. The area will remain shut down for a short period of time as the Bomb Squad secures their equipment and the scene," Phoenix Police said around 8:30 p.m.

The area was evacuated during the investigation.

Police said they were sure what the item was, but, "A controlled detonation was conducted as part of the bomb squad's operation."

The item was initially found by a citizen who then let an officer near the precinct know about it.

At no time was there a widespread danger to the public, PD says.

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Map of the area: