"Possible Pat" weight loss success inspiring others around the world

Pasquale Brocco is perhaps better known as "Possible Pat", because he did what many would say is impossible.

Brocco once weighed 605lbs as a body guard, and had difficulty getting up the stairs. Now, after losing more than half of his weight, Possible Pat is inspiring others across the world that anything is possible, if you believe in it.

"Every day was hard for me," said Brocco. "I could hardly walk. I used to live on the second floor. I used to hate leaving my house to walk up the stairs."

Now, Bronco considered the 2017 transformation champion for the WBFF, weighing in around 280lbs.

"I come here do about 45 minutes of cardio, 45 minutes of working out, then I'm done," said Brocco. "Go home, get to work, and prep my meals for work and go to work at night."

FOX 10 has been following Brocco, throughout most of his weight loss journey. He decided to change his life three years ago, after a doctor told him he was incredibly unhealthy.

"I was pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I had a fatty liver. You name it, I had it," said Brocco. "It was scary. I didn't want to die. I was 27. I threw everything out. Everything in my house I threw out. I had pop tarts, cereals, oodles and noodles, and everything else was pretty much fast food. So, I threw everything out. I said I'm not going to do it no more."

Brocco lost the first 100lbs by walking to Walmart every day to get his meals. From there, he kept working out and making his own meals, and the weight fell off. It took a lot of work and dedication.

"I think the hardest thing is just getting started," said Brocco. "A lot of people lack faith. They can do it. I'm the perfect example that you can. A lot of people aren't 600lbs, a lot of people don't have 340lbs to lose. I'm no better than anyone. The only thing I did differently is that I started and kept going."

Brocco then faced a new struggle. While he had lost the weight, he didn't lost the skin.

"I didn't even know what loose skin was," said Brocco. "I was, like, man I'm still fat. I can't get rid of the fat. I was dieting, and turned out I was 7% body fat and it was all skin."

After airing his motivational story, Dr. Remus Repta reached out to Brocco, offering to remove the skin for free in a procedure that costs around $40,000.

"Seven feet of skin, which is crazy because I didn't know I had the much skin to give," said Brocco.

The surgery demanded time off from the gym so he could heal. Brocco says those 12 weeks were rough, but it was the people he was motivating that, in turn, helped him get through that time.

"I didn't want to fail people. I didn't want to let them down, because I know I'm helping and changing lives," said Brocco.

Slowly, Brocco was able to get back in the gym, gain his strength back, and worked on the promise he had made: to enter a body show competition.

"I'm actually stepping on stage, my shirt off," said Brocco. "I have little shorts on, and 500 people in the audience."

Brocco won that competition, and then he signed up for another one, which he also won.

Brocco now has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. He's a certified trainer, and is going for his pro card in body competitions. Most importantly, however, Brocco now has a new perspective on life, and says every morning, he works to help others struggling with addiction to find the strength to overcome it.

"It's given me purpose in life," said Brocco. "Every day, I wake up with a smile because I see messages or I see people results or people reaching out to me for help. So it makes me happy to be a part of people's lives."