Preschool students with visual impairments graduate from Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix

May 19 was graduation day for students at the Foundation for Blind Children in Phoenix.

It was a special day for the families and the students at the foundation, as preschoolers walked the stage to receive their honors.

Students at the foundation, who are blind or visually impaired, have to learn so much, and the graduation ceremony offered a way to celebrate what they have learned.

"His life, my life changed 100% when we started this foundation," said Andrea Balderas.

Balderas' five-year-old son was diagnosed with a condition where he can only see with his peripheral vision. His family says just being at the school has helped him excel.

"He learned braille really good. That is, when he can read and understand with the braille, and knows letters like A, B, C, D, and he knows that. Repeat numbers one to 100," said Balderas.

The foundation wants to get students prepped, so they can join kindergarten classes with their sighted peers.

"We use the expanded core curriculum. They learn skills, orientation, mobility, how to get around the classroom, how to access materials, so when they get to kindergarten, they don't skip a beat," said Jared Kittleson with the Foundation for Blind Children.

At the foundation, they focus on confidence building and self-determination, so that these students can problem-solve in the real world. That is exactly what Andrea says her son has done. Now, her son is off to kindergarten.

"I know it gives us the best future," said Andrea. "He is feeling so excited. He is so happy."

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