Prescott lawmaker criticized over racial comments, again

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- After past remarks that almost cost one lawmaker his career, the same Arizona state lawmaker finds himself being scrutinized again. Now, people are calling for David Stringer's resignation, including the state's governor.

Stringer, a Prescott lawmaker, has been down this road before. In June, he took some heat over comments on education integration. He was re-elected to his position in November's election.

"My talk was about how the republican party should reach out and expand its voter base," said ASU political history professor Don Critchlow.

Stringer, however, heard something else. Immediately after the ASU lecture, he spoke casually with students. That conversation was later leaked to the Phoenix New Times, who published recordings of the conversation. In speaking about immigration, Stringer said that African-American immigrants "Don't melt in. They don't blend in". When a student immediate fires back why it would matter, stringer responds by saying "I don't know, maybe it doesn't."

The student fires back, "does it matter to you?", and Stringer replies, "I don't know."

"I thought it was probably a face that the Republican Party does not want to have as its brand," said Critchlow.

Stringer then brought up the issue of Spanish-speaking students, and called them a "burden for Arizona taxpayers".

"In June or July, when he did this the last time, that this is disqualifying. I stand by the statement that I said," said Gov. Doug Ducey, on KTAR-FM radio program Mac & Gaydos. "I think a lot of citizens in Yavapai County, in his district, are starting to hear about this and he's going to hear from them."

Stringer was stripped of his role as a committee chairman by speaker-elect Rusty Bowers, who said the comments render him incapable of the role. Bowers, however, was the person who gave him the role just two weeks ago.

Bowers has ignored FOX 10's request for comment.