Prescott man bound for Mexico with his two dogs and a donkey

A Prescott man left everything behind, besides his donkey and two dogs, taking to the open road.

He is planning on walking all the way to Mexico and Wednesday he made his way through Scottsdale and Tempe.

The man, Thomas Arnold, says he's always thought about doing something like this and so 12 days ago he started walking.

You may have seen him. The FOX 10 newsroom has had many pictures sent in of a man with the donkey and dogs asking who is he? And what is he doing?.

"We're just walking to Mexico," said Thomas Arnold.

Thomas Arnold has a simple answer as to why he's doing it.

"I've been thinking a long time about doing transcontinental journeys and reading National Geographic and watching stuff, and I was like, I can do that," said Arnold.

So he set off, leaving Prescott 12 days-ago and making it to the Scottsdale/Tempe border.

"People have been really generous, coming through Scottsdale it was like a business trip, I made more money there than I do at home... I'd been up in Prescott for 13 years and for the past six I've been a farmer and indigenous and old school farming methods and now I want to go see it for myself, you know?," said Arnold.

He's been relying on the generosity of strangers for places to stay and things to eat.

"It's really supportive way more than I expected people were like you're right on, I would do it if I could," he said.

By his side Hercules the donkey and his two dogs, Rama and Roots. Together they are hoping to experience new things on this journey south of the border and beyond.

"I'm getting psyched on this just see how far I can go," he said.

Arnold has been getting so many donations that he's having to turn them down because Hercules can't carry them all