Pressing problems at Valley apartment complex

Backed up sewage, water leaks, and nightmarish plumbing problems. Those are the problems tenants at one West Phoenix apartment have to deal with, and they alerted FOX 10 News to the problem.

The apartment complex is called "The Resort", but to some who live there, they say it's anything but, saying it is more like a dump, and unsafe to boot.

The Resort, located on 35th Avenue just north of Indian School, looks nice from the outside, with a nice big fountain there. For some, however, it is not so nice to live there.

In one apartment, the sink was clogged for four months, and there's black water and cockroaches.

"I told the maintenance man three-and-a-half months ago," said Frank Elizalda, who pays $525 monthly on rent for a studio apartment. On top of that, he pays $70 for utilities.

Elizalda's apartment is not the only one impacted by issues. Christina Ruiz is raising two kids at her apartment, and there is a hole in the bathroom ceiling.

"My bathroom was leaking and it caved in," said Ruiz. "They said they would have somebody come check."

Ruiz went on to say despite a promise that someone will come and check it out, no one did, and there has been a leak for three days.

Stephanie Jones said her apartment has water leaks as well.

"When you flush the toilet, it either overflows or stays running like this for an hour," said Jones. "When it overflows it comes out all over into carpet all right here is soaked."

Along with the problem, there is also an odor in the area. Apartment management did not respond to requests for comment. City offices are closed Friday for Veterans Day, and officials were not available to comment on the issue.