Program brings 'Arizona Auction Week' to Valley school

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Vintage cars are like pieces of art -- you can either keep them locked away or share them with the masses to spark passion in others.

Today at Tavan Elementary, it was all about the latter. More than 100 fifth graders got a first-hand look at "Arizona Auction Week" in their own school yard, and it's all thanks to Hagerty's Test Garage program.

"We want to bring the cars to them and share those experiences, get them excited about this stuff, show them that there are career paths in automotive that are fun and exciting and rewarding!" Tabetha Hammer said.

Tabetha says often society puts vintage cars on a pedestal and that they should be looked at and not touched by children, but what makes them so special is the way the cars make people feel when they touch them, drive them and learn about them.

"We have to share that with the kids, so let them in the car, teach them how to be respectful of the cars and what it's all about because they're going to be driving them someday and we want them to cherish them just as much as we all do now," she said.

After a mock auction, the fifth graders were taken to stations around the school yard to learn about different aspects of the cars, like history, design, paint and restoration.

"These kids don't have an opportunity to even see cars like this and be able to touch it and get in it and be a part of that," Julie Ballard said.

Even though they have a few years until they can get behind the wheel and drive, these kids say this day was one they'll never forget.

"I got a car That was crazy. Everyone added their money... at one point someone had like $5,000!" the kids said.