Project aims to increase veterans' access to medical marijuana in Arizona

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- For the first time, a custom pre-roll marijuana product is available at Curaleaf dispensaries and a portion of the proceeds support the Veterans Cannabis Project.

Dr. Sue Sisley, who conducted the first FDA-approved study on using cannabis for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans, spoke at an event held at the dispensary near Central Ave. and Thomas Rd. on Wednesday.

Sisley says new studies show cannabis can be an effective substitute for addictive pharmaceuticals. She said veterans are prescribed opioids too often, and they can be riddled with side effects.

"Discussing the potential of cannabis to serve as a substitute for a lot of these very addictive pharmaceuticals that are harming the morale of these veterans," said Dr. Sisley. "Significant data that's been published in peer-reviewed medical journals, showing that cannabis can be used as a substitute for opioids and other addictive pharmaceuticals."

Veterans also spoke at Wednesday's event about the benefits of medical marijuana. Dr. Sisley says when used carefully, it treats veterans' PTSD symptoms and helps them function better than before.

Veterans Cannabis Project