Psychologist weighs in on how and why Chester Bennington took his own life

Dr. Suniya Luthar has spent the last 20 years focusing on her studies on upper class families, wealthy individuals and people who appear to have it all.

"From the outside it seems to the wold that there is everything, there's the money, there's the fame and so forth," Luthar said.

From the outside it could seem as though Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington had it all. A rock icon to millions, but somehow took his own life. We've seen the case among those with fame countless times. How and why?

"There's a lack of empathy if you will. After all, you have no business being miserable, but the second thing is the wealthy are more paradoxical to feel friendless," Luthar said.

Dr. Luthar weighs in on Bennington's story in particular. The rock star who has in the past revealed he was sexually abused for several years as a child.

"Neither money nor fame nor accolades nor admiration nor any of the above can make up a soul that is broken from that many years of abuse," Luthar said.

So how does one climb back from this?

"When you are broken, what heals your heart and soul, it's not medication, not psychotherapy, it's real love and a real life," Luthar said.

But even with real love, a real life, family -- triggers of trauma can push someone back to that state of brokenness, especially with the added factors of a spotlight and fame.

"It can be very lonely at the top. You don't know who your friends are or if you have real friends," Luthar said.