Publix deli worker dedicates days off to feeding homeless

A deli worker at a Tampa Publix has also dedicated her off-time to feeding people, but she's not serving up subs to people on their lunch breaks. Sangmook Thaitangkamon is feeding the homeless of downtown Tampa.

She came from Thailand with the gift of giving in her heart and she's proof you don't have to have a lot, to give a lot.

If you've ever been in a Publix at lunch time, you know the deli is a busy place. Thaitangkamon sees it first hand working in the Publix deli and always smiling and greeting her customers like she should.

Her passion outside of the deli is quite busy, as well, spending at least two days a month feeding those who may not be able to afford the occasional Publix sub.

"If you don't have a lot of money, [it] doesn't mean you can't do something nice," Thaitangkamon explained.

She started taking sandwiches down to the homeless about a year ago. She noticed the hungry masses when she was picking up her husband from work.

"I want to make somebody's day, and I want to make my day," she added.

She never said a word to anyone, but knew they were probably hungry, and would appreciate it. She is always thinking about others, as she keeps busy behind the counter at Publix.

Thaitangkamon's love of serving others comes from her mom, who she said was a caterer in Thailand. They use to give away the leftovers to anyone who was hungry.