Quarantine cravings: Yelp reveals each state's most popular delivery order during pandemic

Well, we’re still at home — and still ordering takeout.

Yelp has revealed the most popular food delivery order in each state during the coronavirus health crisis, and the findings might surprise you.

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In a report published Thursday, the business-review platform released a list of most ordered dishes across the country since March 16, soon after the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a national emergency.

Using term frequency-inverse document frequency (TF-IDF), a Yelp data scientist calculated how frequently a dish was ordered in each state, relative to its popularity in other states. From there, the scientist standardized the dishes' names to calculate the TF-IDF scores and ultimately identify each state’s most ordered delivery meal.


Though classic takeout favorites like pizza, pad Thai, gyros, General Tso’s chicken and sushi reigned supreme, contenders like crab rangoon, bubble tea and burgers also made the cut.

“It’s no secret that delivery has made life at home a little more enjoyable for many people during the last two months,” Yelp trend expert Tara Lewis said of the results. “At Yelp, we’ve been inspired by the resilience of restaurants across the nation, and their ability to provide safe food delivery to their customers.”

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With no further ado, here are America’s most common quarantine cravings, according to Yelp:

Alabama – Nachos 

Alaska – Gumbo

Arizona – Tacos

Arkansas – Spring rolls 

California – Bubble tea

Colorado – Crab Rangoon

Connecticut – Cheese pizza 

Washington, D.C. – Biscuits 

Delaware – Pho

Florida – Garlic Rolls

Georgia – Wings 

Hawaii – Bubble Tea

Idaho – Cheese pizza

Illinois – Thin crust pizza

Indiana – Poke bowls

Iowa – Burgers 

Kansas – Gyros

Kentucky – Gyros 

Louisiana – Sushi

Maine – Pad Thai 

Maryland – Gyros

Massachusetts – General Tso’s chicken

Michigan – Bubble tea

Minnesota – Donuts

Mississippi – Catfish 

Missouri – Belgian fries

Montana – Egg Rolls

Nebraska – Sushi

Nevada – Spam musubi 

New Hampshire – Crab Rangoon 

New Jersey – Cheese pizza 

New Mexico – Green chile cheeseburgers

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New York – Cheese pizza 

North Carolina – Tacos

North Dakota – Gyros

Ohio – Deep dish pizza

Oklahoma – Croissants

Oregon – Loaded burgers

Pennsylvania – Italian hoagies 

Rhode Island – General Tso’s chicken

South Carolina – Sushi

South Dakota – Dumplings

Tennessee – Chicken tenders

Texas – Crawfish 

Utah – Hot wings

Vermont – Burritos 

Virginia – Tacos 

Washington – Pad Thai 

West Virginia – Bao buns

Wisconsin – Pad Thai

Wyoming – Naan