Rangers fan whose comments went viral after ALCS Game 5 loss gets last laugh

A diehard Rangers fan who did a little trash talking on FOX 4 after the Rangers lost Game 5 in the ALCS became a notorious fan in the eyes of Astros fans. 

But he had the last laugh after going down to Houston for Game 7 to watch the Rangers secure a spot in the World Series.

FOX 4’s Peyton Yager met John Renner outside Globe Life Field Friday night.

It was brief and he wasn’t in a good mood after the Game 5 loss to the Astros.

His sad interview went viral though. 

He said his 16-year-old noticed it had close to a million views on Tik Tok, but he said he had the last laugh with the Rangers now headed to the World Series.

"That’s the most heartbreaking sporting event I’ve ever attended," Renner said after the Game 5 loss. "And the fact there are so many Houston fans here is disgusting."

[REPORTER: "Do you have a message for Houston after that game?"

"Yeah, just remember, Houston can’t turn on a shower or water faucet without people in Dallas flushing our toilets," he added.

Fast forward a few days and Renner was in a better mood.

"It was almost a euphoric feeling that we would crush their soul," he said.

Renner traveled to Houston for Game 7 in the ALCS, witnessing the rangers take down the Astros to head to the World Series on Monday. 

A special moment for the lifelong Rangers fan.

But he didn’t expect to be a recognizable face in the sea of orange. 

"Within four or five minutes of being inside Minute Maid Park, people were coming up to me and asking to take photos of me, and that was bizarre," he recalled.

In between Game 5 and Game 6, Renner’s interview from FOX 4 racked up hundreds of thousands of views on social media. 

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In the comments, a few Rangers fans were there to comfort him, but the majority were Astros fans making fun.

"Those salty tears are delicious. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of jerks," he read a comment made on the video posted on social media.

"See, that’s just mean spirited," Renner added.

"If this guy is married, she’s filing for divorce. Lol. How embarrassing," was another comment made on the video.

"Well, I’m single, so there is no one to be embarrassed but me," Renner responded.

Renner said his five minutes of fame are now in the past and he’s focused on a serious match up against the Diamondbacks. 

"I think a swimming pool in your ballpark is a minor league move," Renner said.

[REPORTER: "so last time we were here, I asked you a message for Houston. What is your message for Phoenix?"]

"Snakes, I think historically, are just symbol of evil. It’s biblical. We are coming and we are going to cut off the head of the snake. My prediction is Rangers in 6," Renner said.

He said someone in Dallas asked to take his photo Wednesday, adding that it’s his dad’s birthday Friday, so he’s hoping to get tickets to the World Series.