Reddit Secret Santa is also a master scavenger hunt creator

Reddit, a massive online community, continues its annual Secret Santa tradition.

Thousands of people from around the globe exchange gifts, all anonymously.

Even celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Bill Gates have participated in the past.

One Phoenix man has been doing it for awhile, but the gifts he gives are an elaborately planned scavenger hunt.

It starts out when the person gets a knock at the door, and someone is there to hand you an envelope.

Inside there are directions on how to get to your next clue.

It sounds like the start of an adventure movie, but Chris Waters says this has been his idea for years now.

"Somebody sent me five pounds of gourmet gummy bears and a scented candle, and every year just receiving ridiculous gifts and receiving. Some people don't get anything and some people get something from Bill Gates. So it's a gamble on who you're going to get and what you're going to get," Waters said.

He started these adventures a few years ago. They became so popular, that he's now quit his job and does this full time now.

"I started a business out of that, and I did that for two years and it got big enough to where I could do it full time and people pay me to fly all around the country and build these adventures for their loved ones," Waters said.

He helps people with proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and anything in between. But he says he loves gifting these adventures to his lucky Reddit Secret Santas the most, each and every year.